W51606P: 1 July 2014 - 2 November 2018:


The year is 2014.
Here is the LINK to the text I wrote more than 3 years ago.
The text is still valid, please have a look at it: LINK.

I still thoroughly enjoy having the following special features:
a) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) – it keeps my car at a safe and adjustable distance from the one in front.
b) Lane assist – it keeps my car safely in the right lane.
c) Park assist – it parks my car quickly and relatively effortlessly.

So, what is important (for me) and new on the new car?
1.) Side assist - it warns me of approaching traffic when I want to change lanes.
2.) Traffic/Road-sign recognition.
3.) A massage seat for the poor, tense driver (air ventilation included).
(Hopefully, it will alleviate my upper-cervical spinal tension.)

OK, it’s only 2014 and for sure, a few important things are still missing:
Here they are - in a nutshell: I sense, I see, I hear, I speak, I communicate, I think, I reason, I act – it would be really nice if my car could do the same!


Unfortunately, there is something I do not like about my new car:
Because of the CO2 regulations, I had to choose a diesel engine instead of a gasoline engine. It is the first time I have ever had a diesel.
Burning diesel causes small sooty particles (air pollution generated by diesel exhaust fumes). Exposure to sooty particles in exhaust fumes raises the risk of contracting lung cancer.
So, to repeat myself: DIESEL KILLS.
Therefore, I prefer gasoline engines. By the way, plants like them, too.
Gasoline engines create CO2. Plants breathe CO2.
Forests grow best near highways.
That’s why I do not understand the current fuss about CO2, because fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil) will run out within the next few hundred years. When there’s no more oil, all the fuss about CO2 will be gone, too.

Additionally, we should not forget:
.) “Global warming”: in the beginning planet earth was hot liquid rock. That was a "climate catastrophe" - and believe it or not: it cooled down!
.) Plants need CO2 during photosynthesis to produce oxygen (O2) which humans need for breathing!

Obviously, I am not wrong at all:


Wilhelm's Volkswagen CC