Wilhelm Brezovits
Leonard Bernstein Strasse 8/1/3.4
A-1220 Wien

Tel. +43 - 676 - 49 12 589


Date, Time, and Place of Birth:
12 March AD 1968, 11:45 AM, A-2340 Mödling. (Birthdays. Every year there's more of them behind and fewer ahead.)

Religious views:
Conversations With God, Book One. TheEgg.

Professional/Work Experience:
I've been working as a Field Application Engineer for Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies Austria AG (formerly Siemens AG, Semiconductor Division) for 30 years and 8 months.

Career Achievements:
.) PC News: Mikro-1, Mikro-2, Mikro-3, µC-1, Fuzzy, µC-2, Binary Tree, Merry-Go-Round-1, OOP-1, Merry-Go-Round-2, DAvE, OOP-2, C Extensions
.) Cookery Books:
.) XMC Promotion:
.) Lecturer:
.) Roadshows:

I started in primary school (Volksschule Guntramsdorf), then I went through secondary school (Hauptschule Guntramsdorf), and afterwards I finished high/technical school (HTBLuVA Mödling) where I specialized in Electrical Engineering (Fachrichtung Elektrotechnik).
Please note that in Austria "1/sehr gut" is the best mark and "5/nicht genügend" is the worst.
(Believe it or not! Back when I went to school we had grades and you had to redo the year if you got a 5 in your end-of-year report.)

Additional Exams:

Programming languages:

C, C++ (C plus plus), and C# (C sharp)

Language of science:

Spoken languages:
German - native speaker
English -  A2, B1, B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

Training/Further education: 
Here is something.

Personal Profile:
Insights: blue 95%, red 52%, green 49%, yellow 21%
Enneagram: Type One.


Hobbies and Interests:
There is something; Noon, 12 March AD 7 000 002 017, and sock puppets.

Non-Hobbies and Non-Interests:

Dancing (= infantile/perverse sex/sexuality)
Sport (delays sexual development)


LRS, Life-Mentor, NLP-Practitioner

Wilhelm's Curriculum Vitae English (.pdf), (.docx)
Wilhelm's Curriculum Vitae German (.pdf), (.docx)